A Fluke of Nature

19 Apr

Yesterday in Mafia Wars was definitely a fluke of nature for me. I was able to level up from level 167 to 224 for a grand total of 57 level ups. Today has moved more slowly as the businesses available for robbing have increased in difficulty and they have changed business types too.

I didn’t clear many boards robbing yesterday since as long as a business is green I have a good chance of successfully robbing it. If a business is not green I have a very low chance of a successful robbing. Because of this I only do the green businesses and pay the stamina points to get a new board of robbing targets.

Even though, or, because of not clearing the robbing boards I averaged 2.22 experience gained per experience spent. This plus the fact that I have 751 stamina and 577 energy as well as available jobs with experience returns of above two percent, leveling quick or quicker is possible as long as the businesses available to rob are fifty percent green, mostly casinos and I don’t get more than 15 failures per round.

The fast leveling was nice while it lasted, but I am more inclined to fight as you can tell by my stamina level of 751. The excessive fighting I do has allowed me to amass a nice inventory that didn’t cost me a penny. My only issue, which my inventory usually makes up for, but not always, is my extremely low attack of fifty and defense strength of twenty-seven.

My attack and defense skills are low because I spent most of my experience points on energy and stamina so that I could level and complete jobs faster. Now I realize that I need to concentrate on getting my attack and defense built up to at least 250 each so that my mafia and I may make better use of our weaponry.

I will still work on getting my energy and stamina to 1000 still, but only after I get my defense and attack up to acceptable levels. This will slow my leveling process which, as of this writing is now one level per one and a half hours. My ability to fight and do jobs isn’t hindered that much since my energy and stamina are already high.

The only real change is I will now have to wait for energy and or stamina to refill a bit before I level up. My only concern is now that I have started putting experience into attack and defense and I now have to wait to level, will I ever get my energy and stamina high enough to level at will again?


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